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This Christmas Season we ask that you "Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. " Proverbs 3:5,6 KJ3


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Personal Letter From Jay Green Jr.

As my health has declined, I ask myself if God wants me here for another six months, or a year, or some other time frame, what would he want me to spend my time on. I have two major projects that I may not be able to finish but need to try and do, and that is Pink's Studies in the Scriptures which I am determined to get done, and the other project is to re-typeset the Old Testament of the Interlinear Bible, get the rest of the changes and corrections applied to it, and have it in a format to go on all the handhelds. In the process it is my hope that we can do the Interlinear this time in a format that will allow us to do a Spanish or any other language editions fairly easily which are so dourly needed. I am praying and asking that God give me the strength and the people and the wherewithall to get these projects done if it be His will.

In furtherance of the above, I ask for your prayers and support as God directs you.

In Christ's Service,

Jay Green Jr.

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 Elsie Dinsmore Series 
  Vols 13-28 -16 Vols 
 Hard Cover 

Studies In The Scriptures,
Arthur W. Pink

32 volumes in 17 Volumes
Volumes 11 & 12 are ready for shipment - Volume 13 God willing will appear yet this year.

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Studies in the Scriptures, A. W. Pink, Volume 11 of 17 Volumes @$28.99

Studies in the Scriptures, A. W. Pink, Volume 12 of 17 Volumes @$28.99

$49.99 $31.44
Bible Story Book


Emergency Numbers:
John 14 When In Sorrow
Psalm 51 When Sinned
Matt 6:19-34 For Worry
Psalm 91 If In Danger
Hebrews 11 To Stir Faith
Rom 8:31 When Down
Matt 11:25-30 For Peace
Psalm 90 If Overwhelmed
Psalm 37 When No Money
Psalm 23 When Lonely

$615.74 $182.75
Casepack (28 bks)
KJ3 - Literal Translation New Testament
paperback edition
Jay Green, Sr. Translator

$6.52 per Copy

$64.99 $30.59
Children's KJV
New Testament

$42.99 $25.99
Unholy Hands
On The Bible,
John Burgon,


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May God Bless You and Yours,
Jay & Sheryl Green


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KJ3 Genuine
Calfskin Leather

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KJ3 Hardcover
Bonded Leather

$299.96 $144.49
4 Vol. Large Print
Bible w/ Stron's Nos.
Hard Cover       

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4 Vol. Large Print
Bible w/ Strong's Nos.
Paperback Set   


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Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, with Strong's Numbers, 4 Volume Paperback Set, Jay Green, Sr. - Translator


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