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Personal Letter From Jay Green Jr.

Our Cost on Hard Cover Books Rose up to 20% This Past February. Instead of Again Raising the Price on Our Hard Cover Books, We Are Converting the Majority of Our Non-Set Hard Cover Books To Paperback Over the Next Six Months! So If You Want Any of the Hardcover Titles - You Had Better Order Them Now. We Are Trying to Keep the Hard Cover Sets As Long As Possible.

The bottomline is that we lose money on all our hard cover titles and have to pay an annual maintenance fee to keep them in the On-Demand System. That maintenance fee now exceeds our revenue from hard cover sales. A friend has suggested that we transfer our titles to Kindle or Google Books. Over 200 of our titles are already on Google Books, but most are not text searchable but rather images of our printed pages.

We began retypesetting the Puritan and other Christian Classics back in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. The last titles we typeset other than Bibles were done in the early 1980's before the IBM computer revolution. All of those title were done on punch tape which was not compatible with the computers that came along.To put our title into an acceptable format for Kindle, Google Books, and other handheld devices, all our titles would need to be scanned and read by an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program. While that sounds simple enough, please realize that we have over 350 volumes in the system and many with page counts as high as 1200 pages. While the OCR scanning can be done fairly quickly, the resulting proofreading will be very time consuming. We lack the staff or funds to do this. Additionally, many of our classic titles have already been reproduced by others and we would not want to expend funds or time towards titles that others have already converted.

I am going to try something else in the next 60 days, I am going to start lowering retail prices which will lower the sale prices, to see if supply side economics might work. Lower prices might mean more sales, which might mean improved cash flow to sustain the ministry. Get them while you can because the prices might not last. I can only lower about 20 per day, but I will be going through the entire list with the exception of the KJ3. GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!

The other problem that I have is that my health continues to decline. I ask myself if God wants me here for another six months, or a year, or some other time frame, what would he want me to spend my time on. I have two major projects that I may not be able to finish but need to try and do, and that is Pink's Studies in the Scriptures which I am determined to get done by the end of this year, and the other project is to re-typeset the Old Testament of the Interlinear Bible, get the rest of the changes and corrections applied to it, and have it in a format to go on all the handhelds. In the process it is my hope that we can do the Interlinear this time in a format that will allow us to do a Spanish or any other language editions fairly easily which are so dourly needed.

In furtherance of the above, I ask for your prayers and support as God directs you.

In Christ's Service,

Jay Green Jr.



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