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Sovereign Grace Publishers, now physically (the old Madison Township Elementary School) located in Mulberry, Indiana (12/2009 to present), previously located in Lafayette, Indiana, was founded in 1955 as a publisher of Puritan and Reformed books. Jay P. Green Sr. saw the need to put back into print excellent books that had gone out of print though the years. Mr. Green Sr. has proven that today's readers are delighted with books written by authors who devoted their entire lives to studying God's Word and writing about what they had learned. Jay P. Green, Jr carries on in his father's work in continuing to provide these priceless books at affordable rates for everyone to purchase.  Jay P. Green, Jr and his wife Sheryl donate all their time for free so that others will benefit from their work.  SGP is a Christian Book ministry.  

Jay P. Green Sr. also founded Christian Literature World in in 1988 as a small Christian magazine. It's purpose is to review Christian Literary Works. He is also the author, translator or editor of the following works;


  • Sovereign Grace Publishers, Inc. is committed to the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the exalted Lord of all things. We believe the Holy Scriptures determines the view of all those who profess Him as Savior and Lord. Hence, our organization believes the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant and authoritative Word of God, the final rule of all Christian faith and practice. Even though we don’t recognize any creed or confession of faith as a final authority, our organization does distribute the Philadelphia Confession of Faith as a summarized statement of our basic doctrinal and practical beliefs.

  • We are dedicated to translating and preserving the Word of God without alteration, paraphrasing, or in any way inserting our beliefs and doctrines or anyone else’s belief or doctrines into the Bible. We also believe that the Greek ‘Textus Receptus’ or ‘Received Text’ (primary text used by the translators of the King James Version) has been preserved by the Triune God and remain committed to only using this text as the basis of all of our New Testament translation work.

  • At the same time we also believe that the old English language used by the KJV translators, while poetic and beautiful, is not easily understood by the English speaking nations of the world today, and therefore make every effort to match our translation efforts to the language of today.

  • Additionally, we are dedicated to republishing and preserving the works of Puritan and modern-day authors which we believe to be of benefit to all Christians in their daily walk with our Lord and Savior.


  1. To try and honor Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do and to seek His guidance in all that we do.
  2. To make available and try to insure that Christians throughout the world have and will have access to theologically sound and Biblically true Bibles and books at the lowest possible prices.
  3. To guard the Sacred Deposit (Holy Bible) and warn of Satan’s attacks on the Body of Christ through guile and the assimilation throughout the world of Biblically unsound Bibles, books and software created by or using mistranslations of the Bible or the use of corrupted manuscripts.
  4. To assist the followers of Christ in selecting the best books and Biblical books and tools they can rely on to assist them in their daily walk with Christ.

What the lord has allowed SGP & ENTITIES to do The past 53 years

The accomplishments below are for your information and not to bring any glory to SGP or any of the individuals behind SGP. These points are to allow you to see how the Lord allows anyone to work for the Body of Christ without millions of dollars, corporate sponsorships, big committees and any of the other normal business formulas many believe are necessary to accomplish worthwhile goals. YOU can make a difference as long as you seek His guidance and He will use you for His glory and honor as long as you put Christ first. History has shown us from the days of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Matthew Henry, Charles Spurgeon, James Strong, Gesenius, Daniel Webster, Tyndale, (Note: no committees here) and many others have made a difference as individuals.  These were individuals chosen by God to either guide and mentor those that followed or to develop tools to assist Christians in their daily walk with Christ. I sincerely believe that none of these men accomplished what they accomplished for their own glory nor did they ask to do what they accomplished for the Body of Christ. I also believe that they were led by our Triune God to accomplish what they accomplished. So also we have attempted to do our part.

  1. Our ministries with the help of many other Christians over the past 50 plus years have re-acquainted Christians throughout the world with the works of the Puritans having sold many tens of thousands of copies.
  2. Our Children’s King James Version Bible series, the Teenage Version of the KJV Bible and the Modern King James Version sold over 100,000 copies and were published by Harper & Row and McGraw Hill publishers of New York, the KJII Version Bible sold over 250,000 copies and  published by Associated Publishers and Authors, and the Literal Translation of the Holy Bible published by two different publishers has sold over 20,000 copies.
  3. We were the first to take Strong’s number out of Strong’s dictionary and placed those Strong's numbers in New Thayer’s Greek English Lexicon, New Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon, the New Englishman’s Hebrew and Greek Concordances and the Analytical Greek Lexicon has become the basis for each and every Bible software program in the world. These works have been published by four different publishers with over a million copies sold. We were also the first to add lexicon entries to the Englishman’s Greek Concordance also published by three different publishers. These works allowed for faster and better Bible study and research enabling Bible students to quickly lookup the lexiconal entries to all the words of the Bible from the original Biblical lnaguage.
  4. SGP created the Interlinear Bible series took that Strong’s numbering system to a new level allowing anyone without any knowledge of Greek or Hebrew to go to the original Biblical language texts and decipher what the Bible actually says without any outside interpretation. The Interlinear Bible series and its cross-referenced works in paragraph three above have become staples in the libraries of Bible students, pastors and seminaries all over the world with over 400,000 Interlinear Bibles and over a million of the cross-referenced works in circulation. The Interlinear Bibles have also been published by four different publishers and SGP. Those that use the above Bibles and and cross referenced books praise the Bible tools created by our ministries. No longer does any serious Bible student have to rely on someone else to tell him what the Bible says, he can discover it for himself. The books in paragraph 3 and 4 are the basis of every single Bible Software program today.
  5. The Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages is the first time any lexicon has ever contained all the Hebrew and Greek words of the Bible complete with lexicon entries and cross-referenced to Brown-Driver Brigg’s Hebrew Lexicon, Thayer’s Greek English Lexicon, Arndt & Gingrich Greek English Lexicon and Kittel’s Theological Dictionary.
  6. The work done by SGP et al and Jay Green, Sr. in paragraphs three through five above was freely given (royalty free) to Larry Pierce to use in developing the Online Bible computer software program as one of the early forerunners to virtually every Bible software program made today and those same works have since been incorporated in and used by virtually every single Bible software program since developed.
  7. Prison Ministry – SGP has always tried to give Bibles freely to those who ask and are in need as much as our inventory allows. For over ten years we have been sending Interlinear Bibles and other Bible study tools to prisoners throughout the world just for the asking. We get an average of ten requests a month. Lately, as our inventory stocks have dwindled, we have been building a backlog of prisoner requests that we have been unable to fill.
  8. We have freely (royalty free) given the use of the Modern King James and Literal Translation Bibles to numerous software developers, websites and Bible software companies and ministries that distribute their Bible software freely to Christians. We hope to continue to do so as long as we are able to.


    The reception among customers has been great with many anxiously awaiting its arrival but we are still lacking sufficient funds to get the KJ3 printed in Michigan.

Description: This is what we believe will replace the KJV in this century. This Bible is a direct word for word translation from the same Hebrew and Greek that the KJV was translated from but using today’s language instead of the poetic Old English. Many readers have been amazed at the clarity that this Bible brings to the Scriptures. Will be available as a paperback, hardback, pew Bible and genuine leather editions.

  1. Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, 1 volume edition with the revised New Testament and added Hebrew and Greek Lexicons and 1769 KJV in N.T. side column.

Description:Retains the 1985 Old Testament, but adds the 2006 New Testament with the 1769 KJV added within the New Testament as a separate side column. Also adds the Hebrew and Greek Lexicons in a single carrying volume which will be the same size and weight as the current one volume, but with 404 added pages. Will be available as a bonded leather hardback, 8 ½” X 11”.

Features: Clear, easier reading New Testament Greek text, corrected Strong’s Numbers, over 6,000 translation changes, included Hebrew and Greek Lexicons allowing easy and quick additional research into every Hebrew & Greek word, all included in one volume.

Progress: Typesetting has been completed through the Gospels and part of Acts which is about 50% of the New Testament revisions. The lexicons require pasting up into a three column format. This edition adds the 1769 King James Version in a separate side column in the New Testament, along with numbering all the Greek words and many translation changes since the 1985 edition.

Hold-up: Time and funds. The hold-up on this project is a lack of funds and staff to complete the typesetting. Jay Sr. has completed the revisions by hand but I haven’t been able to keep up with the typesetting of the Greek which I must do prior to turning it over to Jackie Serafim, an unpaid volunteer who is typesetting the Strong’s numbers and the interlined English as well as proofing the Greek for accuracy.

Funds Needed: $10,000 to complete typesetting the New Testament and $30,000 for the printing.

Time Frame assuming adequate funding: 200 man-hours for typesetting, 12 weeks for printing and delivery.

Cash Flow returned after shipment: $40,000 within 180 days of arrival from bookstore and distributor orders, along with new customer orders..

  1. New Interlinear Hebrew-English Old Testament – 3 Volume Edition- newly revised with the revised Old Testament, the 1769 KJV and the Hebrew-English Lexicon.

Description:This is the Old Testament to match the 2000 Interlinear Greek-English New Testament, with the 1769 KJV in a separate side column, 404 added Hebrew-English and Greek-English Lexicon pages . Will be available as a bonded leather hardback edition and a flexible genuine leather edition with ribbon markers.

Progress: Basic page layout completed, typesetting started.

Hold-up:Time and funds: I am again the hold-up as I am the one doing the typesetting of the Hebrew due to a lack of staff to assign this project to. We have volunteers ready in Tennessee to enter the Hebrew, English and Strong’s numbers into a database which we hope then can be used to output the Old Testament.

Funds Needed: Typesetting: $50,000  Printing: $50,000

Time Frame assuming adequate funding: 3,500 man-hours for typesetting (1 full-time person = 87.5 weeks, 2 persons = 43.25 weeks, 4 persons = 21.66 weeks, plus 12 weeks for printing and delivery. As you can see, it all depends on funding and the ability to find competent staff for the typesetting. If no staff, it could be as long as eight to ten years as I am unable to devote more than 6 to 10 hours a week of my time.

  1. Interlinear Greek-English-Spanish New Testament with Strong’s numbers and a Greek-Spanish Lexicon

Description: This will be the first Interlinear Greek-English-Spanish New Testament based on the Textus Receptus. Presently the Spanish speaking world does not have an accurate Bible translation available based on the Textus Receptus.

Progress: The book of John has been translated.

Hold-up:Time and funds to move forward with both translation and typesetting, more volunteers needed for translation work.

Funds Needed: Translation: $0 – Volunteers, Staff Spanish Editor $20,000  Typesetting: $12,000  Printing: $10,000

Time Frame: Translation – 1,200 hours; Typesetting: 1,200 hours; Printing and delivery 12 weeks.

Market:It is predicted that the Hispanic population in the US will rival the Anglo population within the next twenty years.

  1. Interlinear Multi-Language Database with Lexicons and Cross References

Description:This will bring the Interlinear Bible into Bible software programs all over the world and allow for easier development of Interlinear Bibles into virtually all languages of the world. This could be what is needed to offset the popular use of the corrupt manuscripts by so many scholars in the English speaking nations of the world. There is a real hunger for a true and accurate “Textus Receptus” Bible needed for the Body of Christ in other languages. Our KJ3 above is being translated into Indonesian and is nearly completed. They have a real hunger for the truth. What prompted this Indonesian non-profit organization to translate the Bible is that all Christian Bibles in Indonesian use “Allah” as the name for our Savior.

Progress: Waiting to complete contract between the parties.

Hold-up: Time and funds – Much will be done by volunteers, but much will need to be done by internal staff.

Funds Needed: Staff: $20,000 (one full time person for one year)

Time Frame:Six to twelve months.

  1. New Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible with Lexicons, Large Print Edition (8 ½” X 11”) – Four Volume Edition

Progress: Must Wait for Item 3 above to be completed.

Hold Up: Item 3 above

Funds Needed: $35,000 for printing

  1. KJ3 – Literal Translation – Study Bible

Description: This will be the first English only Study Bible produced by Sovereign Grace. The plan is to add cross references and a concordance and is what we need to do to advance the KJ3 into a main stream Bible which is our desire and many of you have also expressed the same desire.

Progress: None

Hold Up: Volunteers needed to begin work.

Funds Needed: None estimated

  1. Other Less Major Projects But Still Essential

Unholy Hands on the Bible, Volume 3 – Progress: Written, typeset, needs final pagination and proofreading, Hold Up: Man-hours = 40, Printing Funds = $4,000

New Versions and The Doctrine of The Word– Progress: Written, typeset, needs final pagination and proofreading, Hold Up: Man-hours = 20, Printing Funds = $1,000

New Versions and The Doctrines of Grace– Progress: Written, typeset, needs final pagination and proofreading, Hold Up: Man-hours = 20, Printing Funds = $1,000

Fifty Greatest Christian Classics– 12 Volume Set, five have previously been printed, seven have never been printed. This entire series is going to be put into the Sponsor A Book Program described above and will be reliant upon God moving sponsors to come forward and provide the means to produce the balance of this set if it is to be done.

In closing, I believe that we may not have been correctly following the Lord’s lead in doing His work for the Body of Christ. I had come to believe that I must accomplish all these things to honor the Heavenly Father and my birth father, Jay P. Green, Sr. I thought that I had to make this happen or that happen and that the whole burden fell on my shoulders, and by doing thusly you tend to think that you are the one accomplishing the accomplishments when things do manage to get done. It is not I nor my birth father Jay Sr.’s work, but rather it is the Heavenly Father’s work and with this letter to you, I am placing it all in His hands to do as He sees best. I am merely a tool and if he provides the means I will follow and do my utmost to do what he allows me to do, if He doesn’t provide then I shall continue to seek His guidance. It is with this thought that I ask you to join us in praying and seeking His guidance and blessings on this ministry if it be His will.

A lowly servant of Our Savior and Christ,

Jay P. Green, Jr.,

If you have interest in this program, please send me an e-mail at

  • Modern King James Version of the Holy Bible which has been and still is read daily on the air by Dr. Van Dyke on Family Radio since 1962. This is a word for word modernization of the King James Version. The Elizabethan English has been updated, the thees and thous have been replaced by you and yours, monetary terms have been changed from the British monetary system to the actual terms used in the Bible, the names of place and locations have been changed to their actual translated meaning, etc.
  • Children's King James Version of the Holy Bible later published by Harper & Row & McGraw Hill. This is a children's version of the same Bible above with word definitions that easily understood by pre-teen children. Presently out of print.
  • Teen-Age King James Version of the Holy Bible also later published by Harper & Row and McGraw Hill. This is the Teen-Age version of the Modern King James Version above with definitions that are easier for teens to understand. Presently out of print.
  • King James II which was very popular in the 1970's. This was an updated version of the Modern King James Version above. We still get a lot of requests for this Bible. This was replaced with the most recent version of the Modern King James Version.
  • The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, Four Volume Edition, is the first complete Interlinear Bible. An Interlinear Bible places the English translation of the Hebrew and Greek words directly below those words. Additionally this Interlinear Bible places a Strong's cross reference number above the Hebrew and Greek words which allows you to research the actual original Biblical languages using James Strong's Dictionary and Concordances without any knowledge of Hebrew or Greek. This work is presently being revised and re-typeset and God willing available in 2003. The current edition has a 1985 edition Old Testament and a 2000 edition New Testament.
  • The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, One Volume Edition, is a one volume edition of the above Bible, but in smaller print. Over 400,000 ministers, seminarians, laymen and Bible students use this Bible as their primary Biblical languages resource.
  • The Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (LITV) is an All English Bible created from the Literal Translation below each of the Hebrew and Greek words from the Interlinear Bibles above. This is by far the most Biblically true and accurate English Bible in print.
  • The New and Revised Interlinear Greek-English New Testament is the revised and newly typeset edition of the Four Volume Edition above. Besides improving the literal translations below the Greek text, this revision has number all the Greek words (the previous edition omitted some of the more prepositions and conjunctions) and has added the Authorized King James Version text in a second side column. This allows you to compare how the original King James translators translated the Bible.
  • The Classic Bible Dictionary
  • The Encyclopedia of Christianity, now out of print
  • Plus many others
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