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This is the translation that appears in the side margins of Jay P. Green, Sr.'s best-seller, The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible. This is the fourth edition of this most accurate of all versions. Due to additional intense study, and the suggestions of others, we feel confident that this version has now been perfected.

Now You Can Know What God Said, Not Just What Men Say He Said. The Bible you have been reading may say that The word of God is . . . sharper than a two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12), but in myriads of verses it has been dulled by mistranslation, or lost through non-translation of the words God actually wrote through the Scripture writers as they were "borne along by the Holy Spirit" (2 Peter 1:21).

Why let all these expressive words of God be hidden away from you any longer? Be enriched by knowing exactly what God said in every verse of the Holy Scriptures. Put not your trust in princes, noblemen, or so-called intelligentsia, but trust only and fully in the powerful, life-giving words as they were given to the apostles and prophets to write, as they were "borne along by the Holy Spirit" No one can transmit a message without using words. Why not use the very words written by the original Author in the English as close as it can get to them? For God calls the Scriptures "My Word" (see Isaiah 51:16). And every one of them is precious, wisely selected by God to satisfy your soul, and to direct your steps.

Verse-paragraph format,Paperback, 1,220 pages

This is what the King James Version was meant to be, an exact word-for-word translation of the Hebrew and Greek texts. This title indicates that this new Bible is an exact literal, word-for-word translation of the Masoretic Hebrew Text and the Greek Received Text (Textus Receptus), the main texts used by the Authorized/King James Version translators.

Certainly you will want to know all the truths that God has written in the original Hebrew and Greek languages, for it is truth that has the power to set you free: ''And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free'' (John 8:32) A true Bible must contain the words of God, all of His words, and no words added from the minds of men (such as paraphrases, synonyms, mistranslations, biases, interpretations, etc.). For this reason we predict that every person that loves God and His Word will now use this KJ3 Bible (why would you want to use a Bible that has thousands of God’s words hidden from you? Or how can you trust a version that mistranslates thousands of words that God has written for you?). See the forthcoming book entitled ''Seventeen Extensive Reviews of the New Versions.'' It will then become evident to you that all present versions, and all versions in all of the non-Greek versions (such as the Peshitta Syriac Version, and the first Latin Version — both dated c.150 A.D.) do not have all of the words that God wrote. Only God can write Scripture.

All those mistranslations are violating God’s express commands not to add a word to His words. God calls those who add words to his words ''liar'' because they are adding the words to His words and misleading the reader into believing that those words are God’s words. ''Do not add to His words, that He not reprove you, and you be proven to be a liar'' (Proverbs 30:6)

The difference between the KJ3 Bible and all other English versions ever created in the past is this: This is the first time that any version has contained all of God’s words, as He wrote them, with no words added, and no words deleted. Note that God has commanded this several times. See Deuteronomy 4:2, 12:32, Proverbs 30:6, Revelation 22:18, 19. KJ3/LITV ''You shall not add onto the Word I command you, neither shall you take away from it, to keep the commandments which I have commanded you.'' When a version adds words to the words that God breathed out or fails to translate what God has written, and hides from the reader what they have added or subtracted from God’s word, they are deceiving the reader by in effect saying, ''These are the words that God wrote,'' when the truth is that God did not write many of the words that they have put into their Bibles.

This is especially grievous in the Bibles like the NIV that use ''Dynamic Equivalence'' as their translation methodology. Basically, ''Dynamic Equivalence'' is storytelling or a short commentary of what God has breathed out to us. The alleged translator reads a passage of the Bible in its native language (Greek or Hebrew), perceives or interprets the meaning, and writes in his own words what the alleged translator believes the Bible is saying. There is no effort to translate each word of the Hebrew or Greek. For example, the translator; ''uses the Greek genitive-case form with the corresponding use of the English preposition "of" to illustrate how to eliminate ambiguities. "Cup of the Lord" (1 Cor 10:21) is rendered "the cup by which we remember the Lord," "wisdom of words" (1 Cor 1:17) is taken to be "well arranged words," and "sons of wrath" (Eph 2:3) becomes "those with whom God is angry'''' Nida, Toward a Science 207-208; cf. also Nida and Taber, The Theory 35-37; Wonderly, Bible Translations 163. This is directly from the works that our seminaries are using in teaching our future Christian leaders, pastors, professors, headmaster, teachers, et al. We are not talking about the luke-warm religions or the luke-warm seminaries, but rather virtually every seminary in the free world has been infected with this rationale.

It is the modern world Pharisees and Scribes at work. Only they may interpret what the Word of God truly states and then they tell us in their own words. Martin Luther would roll over in his grave. He and our other forefathers fought to bring the Word of God out of the priests and monks hands directly to the hands of Christ’s flock. Now our modern day Pharisees and Scribes are trying to take the Word of God back away from that flock. Kid yourself not, this is a Holy War we are fighting.

The amazing thing is how many sound Christian leaders have fallen for this rationale. We have not been able to discern whether they just don’t know any better, haven’t had time to investigate these translations, or what other reason they continue using the NIV. But the NIV has penetrated and been accepted by some very good churches with pastors sound in every area except the use of God’s text. The whole foundation of Christianity lies in the Bible and what God has written to us. If we can’t trust that, then what can we trust. Another example of this mistranslation is found as follows: Jesus said to his brothers, ''I am not yet going up to the feast, for my time has not yet been fulfilled.'' (John 7:8) Despite the overwhelming evidence of all but two Egyptian manuscripts, the New Versions follow the Gnostic Egyptian codices which deliberately remove the word ''yet'' leaving Jesus saying ''I am not going up to the feast.'' In the first example, Jesus says that I am not going to the feast yet, which implies that he will be going to the feast later. In the second example, Jesus will not be going to the feast at all. This makes Jesus lie to His brothers. But Jesus is God, and ''It is impossible for God to lie'' (Hebrews 6:18) It is just one more way to deny that Jesus is God.

This new KJ3 version is the version that lovers of God and His Word can safely use with the approval of God. You and every person will be judged by ALL of the words that God has written. Add to this, that God wrote in grammatical forms (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc.)

Our Lord Jesus was always careful to keep the grammar of the Old Testament words He quoted in the New Testament. No other Bible version has ever strictly given the reader these grammatical forms as God has written them. In all other versions printed before there is a consistent failure to report to the reader the precise use of these word forms (verbs have been falsely translated as nouns, and vice versa; adjectives have been largely ignored; when reported the previous translations do not tell the reader whether they are plural or singular. Hundreds of adverbs have been inserted which are not in the original Greek of Hebrew words.

When a verse contains two verbs, invariably they falsely add an adverb, saying ''you shall surely die'', but there is no adverb in the Hebrew here, but correctly translated is says ''Dying you shall die''. Hundreds of time the other translations mistranslate ''seed'' as offspring or other plurals. Verses containing double negatives (not, not) have been mistranslated by inserting words that falsely translate one of these emphatic words such as ''By all means''; or, ''not at all'' words that are not in the Greek, or they will not translate the second negative (''not, not''). In an attempt to avoid the English rule that two negatives make a positive. But there is a way to avoid this violation: e.g. ''And the light of a lamp will not still shine in you, not ever'' (Revelation 18:23); using both ''nots.'' In Isaiah 24:19 there are four verbs that need no added words, but the New Versions do it anyhow: NIV: ''The earth is utterly broken up, the earth is [split asunder], the earth is [thoroughly shaken]. The earth [reels] like a drunkard . . . .'' The adverbs are added without cause. KJ3/LITV: ''The earth is breaking, breaking! The earth is crashing, crashing! The earth is tottering, tottering! The earth is staggering, staggering; like a drunkard the earth is staggering.'' The worst mistranslations: ''Lord'' for the divine name (''I am Jehovah, that is my name,''). God’s name is mistranslated more than 6,000 times.

Every nation had their lords, but only Israel had Jehovah as their God. All other countries were ''the nations.'' In the New Testament ''Gentiles'' is falsely put for the ''nations.'' ''Church'' is a word God never wrote: instead he called the meeting place ''the assembly'' both in the New and Old Testament. ''The children of Israel'' never existed as such, for the word, for ''sons'' is badly translated as ''children.'' In many versions this occurs more than 500 times. Dead is either an adjective (''dead ones'') or a verb (''to die''), (e.g. ''he has died''). Also (''put to death'') is from this verb, and most often translated as ''cause to die''. Usually, with most translations which have the same verb twice, one of the verbs will be replaced with an adverb. Charles Spurgeon had the following to say about translation. '

'Concerning the fact of difference between the Revised and Authorized Versions, I would say that no Baptist should ever fear any honest attempt to produce the correct text, & an accurate interpretation of the Old/New Testaments. For many years Baptists have insisted upon it that we ought to have the Word of God translated in the best possible manner, whether it would confirm certain religious opinions and practices, or work against them. All we want is the exact mind of the Spirit, as far as we can get it. Beyond all other Christians we are concerned in this, seeing we have no other sacred book; we have no prayer book or binding creek, or authoritative minutes of conference — we have nothing but the Bible — and we would have that as pure as ever we can get it. By the best and most honest scholarship that can be found we desire that the common version may be purged of every blunder of transcribers, or addition of human ignorance, or human knowledge, that so the Word of God may come to us as it came from his own hand.'' [Charles H. Spurgeon from Heart-Disease Curable MTP Vol 27, Year 1881, pgs. 341, 342-3, Isaiah 61:1]

Only by going back to the each and every word of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts can we ever attempt to have the pure translation that Charles Spurgeon above desires. This is what we have tried to do with the KJ3 – Literal Translation of the Bible.


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