Baptism, It's Mode and Subjects, Alexander Carson, hard cover

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Though Mr. Carson had his own definite views on the subject, views born out of theological controversy, this book is far from being a polemic for them. Instead, what he relates gives evidence of being well-informed, thorough and good tempered, so much so that believers of all persuasions will profit from reading what he has to say.

Carson begins by showing the difference between "bapto" (to dip) and "baptizo" (to immerse). A learned man, he was able to give many quotations from Greek authors, then from the Old and New Testament uses. Next there are 65 pages on the subject of Baptism. In chapters 4 and 5 Carson takes up the objections, and he goes into the history of the Greek words further, giving another 74 pages to the meaning of "baptizo" in every place it is used in the Bible. Next, he gives many examples of baptism in the early church histories. Then in chapters 8?10, Carson again takes up objections, and he further discusses mode: sprinkling, pouring, and immersion. Chapter 11 compares purification and baptism, and the last chapter takes up what the church fathers had said and done in regard to baptism.

"This book is both extensive, and intensive, in its scope. The subject is studied in the light of the Scriptures, in the Greek language, in the versions, and from the writings of the church fathers. Objections are plainly and honestly stated, then answered in a sweet but firm manner. This may be seen from this remark: "But while I gladly admit that many who differ from me with respect to baptism are among the excellent of the earth, I cannot, out of compliment to them, abstain from vindicating this ordinance of Christ. This would show greater deference to man than to God. Jesus says, [Every plant that My heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up]  (Matt. 15:13 LITV). To permit the traditions of men to pass for the ordinances of God is injurious to the edification of Christians, and disrespectful to Christ" (from the preface).

Carson (1776-1844) was a Presbyterian minister in Ireland. Certain members of his congregation questioned the scripturalness of infant baptism. Carson battled the question of baptism for some time, but at last concluded that the Scriptures do not teach the baptism of anyone but believers. Carson's income as a Presbyterian came partially from the State, and partially from his father in law, a rich man. Both these sources were denied to him if he switched to being a Baptist preacher.

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