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This author is identified by appending ‘of Edinburgh’ because his famous and talented grandfather was John Brown of Haddington.
''I wonder that you are so quickly turning back from Him calling you by [the grace of Christ to another Gospel, which is not another]' (Galatians 1:5, 6a)
''Perhaps the force of the original expression might be thus given to an English ear: ‘You are removed from Christ, who graciously called you, into a different gospel, which yet is not another gospel. It is as if he had said, ‘The doctrine you have embraced is a very different doctrine from the doctrine of Christ. It may be called - it is called - gospel, but it is misnamed. There is no gospel but one, and that you have abandoned. What you have embraced is not a gospel in any proper sense of the word. It is not Christ’s doctrine; and it is not good news for sinful men.’'' By these introductory remarks, the reader will quickly discover that John Brown is very precise. His footnotes with the original language are an added useful feature of this commentary.
Brown sets out Paul’s allegory of Hagar and Sarah, of Mt. Sinai and the Jerusalem which is above, in a way that can be understood.
As for the Law, that which troubles us most, and how it applies to us today, is given a clear and plain exposition. His discussion of the fruits of the Spirit and the fruits of the flesh is very useful.
His discourse on faith, and the duties and responsibilities of those who have the faith that works by love, is penetrating and inspiring.
Brown does not duplicate Luther. He has original ideas you can use.
‘This is a great, historic work, and is beyond criticism on account of it’s great usefulness. As a commentary its accuracy might be questioned, but for emphatic utterances and clear statements of the great doctrine of the Epistle it remains altogether by itself, and must be judged per se’ ''All his expositions are of the utmost value'' C H. Spurgeon). (Commenting and Commentaries, C. H. Spurgeon).
May God be pleased to awaken and encourage in the reader the strength of conviction and of character that was so alive in Martin Luther, and in John Bunyan; both much appreciated this epistle.

John Brown (1784-1858) was a noted Scottish professor of Theology
and author. He produced seven other commentaries, all of great value. He always had a profound regard for the Bible as the very Word of God. He is said to have had the largest theological library in Scotland.   432 pages, blue hard cover


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