The History of Redemption, Jonathan Edwards, hard cover

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''They who have a relish for the study of the Scriptures, and have access to peruse the following sheets, will, I am persuaded, deem themselves much indebted to the Reverend Mr. Edwards (Jonathan Edwards, Jr.) of New Haven for consenting to publish them. Though the acute philosopher and deep divine appears in them, yet they are in the general better calculated for the instruction and improvement of ordinary Christians, than those of President Edwards’ writings, where the abstruse nature of the subject, or the subtle objections of opposers of the truth, led him to be more abstract and metaphysical reasonings. The manuscript being entrusted to my care, I have not presumed to make any change in the sentiments or composition.

I have, however, taken the liberty to reduce it from the form of sermons, which it originally bore, to that of a continued treatise. And I have altered and diversified the marks of the several divisions and subdivisions, that each class of heads might be easily distinguished.'' John Erskine, Edinburgh, 1776.

As the title indicates, this is a Biblical history concentrated on God’s redemptive plan and its fulfillment through the ages. In the opening statement the aim of the book is ''to comfort the church under her sufferings, and the persecutions of her enemies. The argument of consolation insisted upon is the constancy and perpetuity of God’s mercy and faithfulness towards her.'' This he proves by the continuous work of salvation in every age, God’s protection against assaults, and bringing the saints through all the changes of the world, and finally crowning her with victory and deliverance.

156 pages covers the history from the Fall to the Incarnation. This is followed by proofs of the inspiration, Excellency and usefulness of the Old Testament. 71 pages discourse on Christ, His humiliation, His preparation to purchase our redemption, His purchase and its cost to Him. The next section deals with the suffering state of the church from the resurrection to Antichrist.

Lastly, the beloved Jonathan Edwards makes the application of the historical happenings, and an improvement showing how great is the work of redemption, the pre-eminence of Christ, the glorious wisdom of God in the Plan of Salvation. 353 pages of excellent divinity!

Edwards (1703-1758) is by far the best known American theologian. After graduating from and teaching at Yale University, he began a very fruitful ministry at Northampton, MA. The church was the scene of the explosive revival of 1734, 35, and burned fiercely for God under Edwards for several years. Edwards then went to pastor the lowly Indians. But at last he was called to be the first president of Princeton University, where he served only 5 weeks, dying of smallpox. 364 pages

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