Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, Charles Chiniquy, hard cover

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Why was this book written? "Because modern Protestants have not only forgotten what Rome was, what she is, and what she will forever be; the most irreconcilable and powerful enemy of the Gospel of Christ," writes Chiniquy.

This is the life story of Pastor Chiniquy, who was a priest in the Roman Catholic church for 25 years. Though he dedicates this book to the Bishops, Priests, and people of Rome, he writes, "the sophisms and errors of Romanism are discussed and refuted with a clearness, simplicity, and evidence, which my 25 years of priesthood only could teach me." It is written in a kindly and Christian spirit, does not indulge in denunciations, and while speaking the truth, it does so in love. This is the unabridged edition of over 600 pages.

As a child, Chiniquy memorized scriptures at his mother's knee and developed a deep love for God. Becoming a priest, he wanted desperately to place full trust in his "church", but was hit by waves of doubt as his "church" claimed adherence to the Gospel, yet violated it at every turn. His jealous superiors falsely accused him, but Abraham Lincoln, a young lawyer from Illinois, defended him and saved his reputation. Chiniquy proves that it was the Jesuits who later killed Lincoln, and explains why.

Finally, after twenty-five years as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, his bishop demanded that he give up his precious Bible, and pledge blind obedience to the "church. After a dark night of struggle, he emerged gloriously saved, and led almost the entire Catholic population of St. Anne, Illinois to trust in Christ alone. Here is the finest work ever written to show, from the inside, what Catholicism really is. You will feel Chiniquy's broken heart for Catholics, even as he clearly refutes Catholicism's errors. Now, abridged from the 1886 edition, it is even more readable than before!  616 pages, blue hard cover


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