How to Prepare for Communion, Matthen Henry, hard cover

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The famous commentator proves again in this book how sweet and sound he is in the thoughts and ways of the Lord God Almighty.

It was a noble saying of the Marquis of Vico, ‘Let their money perish with them, who esteem all the wealth of this world worth one hour’s communion with God in Jesus Christ.’

 He writes: ''In doing this, I hope I can truly say, my desire and design is to contribute something to the faith, holiness, and joy of those who in this ordinance have given up their names to the Lord Jesus.''

In giving directions as to How to Prepare for Communion. He gives:
(1) a description of the nature of this ordinance.
(2) the qualifications required to attend it.
(3) helps for self-examination before coming.
(4) helps for meditation and prayer to prepare for it.
(5) the frame of spirit we should come to and attend on it.
(6) the precious benefits which are to be received by faith.
(7) helps for the exciting of pious and devout affections. 
(8) It is important to note the solemn vows we are to make to God in this ordinance.
(9) The proper frame of mind we should have in coming away from this ordinance.

By those various headings is conveyed the teaching that the communion service is a serious business. As the Scriptures say, ''But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread, and let him drink of the cup; for he eating and drinking unworthily eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord'' (1 Corinthians 11:28, 29).

''It is not enough that we seek God in a due ordinance, but we must seek him in due order;'' that is, we must ''stir up ourselves to take hold of Him.'' ''Prepare to meet thy God.'' ''Those that labor under such an indisposition to communion with God, . . . have need to take pains with their heart, and they should, with a very serious thought and steady resolution, engage themselves to approach to God.''

Who is it that does not need such helps as these to make sure that they are approaching God in this ordinance in the proper spirit and frame?

Matthew Henry (1662-1714) is the author if the best-selling, most popular commentary on the Bible. He has many other books. He was a Presbyterian minister at Chester, at a meeting-house built especially for his ministry.   128 pages, blue hard cover


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