Justification By Faith, John Owen, hard cover

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The thoroughness of Owen on the subject of Justification by Faith may be seen by the chapter headings:

1. General considerations needed before explaining the doctrine.

2. Justification by faith generally acknowledged, but the meaning of it is also often perverted. There are two kinds of faith in Scripture.

3. The Nature of Justifying Faith; the faith by which we are justified.

4. How faith is used in justification. Who affirms it? Who denies it?

5. The proper sense of the words justification and justify are important. They are always used in a forensic sense under a juridical scheme.

6. Distinction between a first and second justification. The whole doctrine of the Romish church grounded on this distinction.

7. Evangelical personal righteousness; the nature and use of it. There is no evangelical justification on our personal righteousness.

8. The nature of imputation. The first mention of it is in Gen. 15:6.

9. Imputation of sin unto Christ testified by the ancients.

10. The principal controversies about justification discussed.

11. The arguments for justification of the righteousness of Christ. Our personal righteousness no cause of justification in the sight of God.

12. Nature of the obedience or righteousness required unto justification. Perfect obedience under the covenant of works.

13. Imputation of the obedience of Christ no less necessary than that of His suffering on the same ground. In His whole person Christ was not under the law. He designed the obedience He performed for us, not for Himself. Being made man the foundation of His obedience.

14. The difference between the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace. All works excluded from any interest in our justification.

15: Scripture testimonies of the Gospels. Scripture testimonies out of Paul’s epistles. Explanation of Romans 3, 4, and 5 given.

16. Faith itself, absolutely considered, not the righteousness that is imputed to us.

17. There is no contradiction between Paul and James.

John Owen (1616-1683) was noted as one of the most powerful theologians in the Puritan age. He was Vice-Chancellor of Oxford in the time of Cromwell. His works total 23 volumes, all invincible to any contrary argument. 480 pages, blue linen hard cover

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