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In this masterful defense of Calvinism, John Gill refutes the Arminian viewpoint as it was presented in the writings of his day. Gill’s command of Greek and Hebrew and his extensive knowledge of Rabbinic and other Jewish literature make this volume an important contribution to historical Calvinistic studies.
This edition contains the four parts of Gill’s defense of Calvinism, which were originally published separately, from 1735 to 1738.
Part One examines fifty Scripture passages that were widely used by critics of Calvinism.
Part two discusses sixty-two key Bible texts under the headings: ''A Vindication of Reprobation,'' ''Election,'' ''Redemption,'' ''Efficacious Grace,'' ''Corruption of Human Nature and Impotence of the Will of God,'' and ''Perseverance.''
Part Three is a topical presentation of the basics of Calvinism, covering the ''five points of Calvinism'' and other key doctrines.
Part Four documents the overwhelming support for Calvinistic doctrines by the early church fathers, decisively showing that Arminian theologians cannot effectively appeal to pre-Augustinian sources for an endorsement of their views.
The writings of John Gill (1697-1771) continue to be widely consulted by scholars and theologians. Among his many works are Body of Divinity (2 vols.) and Exposition of the Old and New Testaments (6 volumes).

JOHN GILL (1697–1771)
The Horsleydown church in London would prove to be the only church in which John Gill ministered. On March 22, 1720 following another great Baptist, Benjamin Keech, Gill began his fruitful pastorate at Horesleydown. His pastorate lasted 51 years, passing on a great legacy to another Baptist who would follow him at the church a few years later, Charles Spurgeon.
From the beginning, Gill's preaching was both expositional and practical. He set the standard for the modern day practice of preaching through the Bible. At the age of 26 he began a series on the Song of Solomon which lasted 122 sermons. This would be his practice throughout his ministry. Like the Puritans, Gill saw preaching as a surgery of the soul in which the pastor was the physician and the church members were the patients. There was no room in his preaching for fluff. Christian living was serious business which required serious instruction. We could learn much in our day from this. Pastors are not preparing children to go to the playground but rather they are outfitting soldiers of Christ to head off into war.
Dr. John Gill stands as one of the most important and yet misunderstood of our Baptist forefathers. His spirituality and intellect were only matched by the intensity with which others loved him or reviled him. Tom Nettles says of Gill, "He has doubtless been judged more harshly and even maliciously than any man of comparable repute in Baptist history."
To say that Dr. Gill influenced evangelical Christians in general and Baptists in particular is like saying the sun influences the daytime. He was the first Baptist to write a complete systematic theology and the first to write a verse-by-verse commentary of the entire Bible. Gill wrote so much that he was known as Dr. Voluminous. Tom Nettles writes. "His loss was felt keenly by the whole denomination of Baptists, a group still small and despised ... His outstanding scholarship, zeal for truth and pious polemics had greatly encouraged Baptists ..."
Dr. Gill’s life and work stand as a warning to the modern church. Ignore doctrine and truth and you will soon find yourself an empty shell with no life inside. Gill needed the correction of Fuller. There is no doubt that his followers so emphasized God’s sovereignty that they forsook evangelism and missions. Spurgeon rightly saw that as a travesty to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the same time, Gill’s powerful presentation of the God with Whom we have to do is needed in every generation.   340 pages, blue hard cover


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