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The Dairyman’s Daughter and Other Personal Testimonies
This is a book of real-life testimonies of the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. Most are under thirty, poor and little interested in salvation from their sins.

The first is a touching story of a young woman, the daughter of a dairyman, who left her father to become a servant in a great house. Being convicted of her pride and vanity, she was visited by the Holy Spirit and became an earnest Christian. The story is told by Leigh Richmond, the minister who came to know her after she had written him a letter asking him to conduct her sister’s funeral. He found this young woman thoroughly versed in the Scriptures, and was a blessing to everyone who came in touch with her. She lived but a short time, but gave witness of true faith to those who observed her dying days.

There is much instruction in this portion of the book.

The other thrilling stories of those who were brought from death into new life and became new creatures are of those who were brought under the preaching and teaching at Cambusland of a Reverend McCulloch and of George Whitefield, the noted evangelist. Some were convicted of their sins by God the Spirit’s use of the writings of Whitefield also. Much variety is shown in the way God saves sinners.

A typical testimony is that of Sarah Gilchrist, unmarried, aged 23.
''I heard Mr. Whitefield in Glasgow. He insisted much on making sure of an interest in Christ, and said, among other things, Never call yourselves Christians till He has made you sensible of your lost condition, and has drawn out your soul to close with Christ on His own terms. About ten or twelve days after that awakening began I went out to Cambusland . . . . The terrors of the law were at this time set forth with great solemnity and power. And perhaps even more, the terrible things contained in the gospel against them that did not believe. These were views of divine truth that struck terror into the hearts of  many. Yet these very awful addresses had but little effect on me. What affected me most were the sweet and gracious offers of Christ, and the promises of the gospel. These were often made sweetly to cheer, warm, and melt my heart.''

The last testimony of salvation is that of George Whitefield himself.

The ripple effect is incalculable. Consider this illustration: A book by Richard Sibbes, one of the choicest of the Puritan writers, was read by Richard Baxter, who was greatly blessed by it. Baxter then wrote his call to the Unconverted which deeply influenced Philip Doddridge, who in turn wrote The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. This brought the young William Wilberforce, subsequent English statesman and foe of slavery, to serious thoughts of eternity. Wilberforce wrote his Practical Book of Christianity which fired the soul of Leigh Richmond. Richmond, in turn, wrote The Dairyman's Daughter, a book that brought thousands to the Lord, helping Thomas Chalmers the great preacher, among others.[2] It seems to me that in a literate culture like ours, where most of us know how to read and where books are available, the Biblical mandate is: keep on reading what will open the Holy Scriptures to you more and more. And keep praying for Bible - saturated writers. There are many great old books to read. But each new generation needs its own writers to make the message fresh. Read and pray. And then obey. 116 pages, blue linen hard cover

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