The Doctrine of Human Depravity, Arthur W. Pink, hard cover

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Pink again shows his thorough knowledge of the Scriptures. He refers to something like 500 verses of the Bible to demonstrate that God teaches that mankind has been, and still is, totally depraved since the Fall. As usual Pink is very thorough when writing on a doctrine: there are 28 pages on the origin of sin, 22 on the imputation of sin, 28 on the consequences and transmission of sin, 44 pages on the nature of depravity and its enormity, 42 pages on its extent and its ramifications, 59 pages on its evidences and its corollaries, and 24 on its remedy. These cover 211 pages, and his conclusion covers 30 pages.

Pink pulls no punches, plainly showing from the Scriptures how powerless man is to do anything spiritually good. This subject of the moral inability of fallen man for good is peculiarly repugnant to human pride, and therefore it is not surprising that the natural man cries out against it so fervently. Every possible effort is put forth by the carnal mind to repudiate such a flesh-withering and humiliating description of human nature [as the Bible affirms]. If it cannot be refuted by an appeal to facts, then it must be held up to ridicule.
Pink also shows the nature and origin of the opposition: ''because the mind of the flesh [is] hostile towards God; for it is not being subjected to the law of God, for neither can [it be]'' (Romans 8:7 - LITV). ''Here, then, is the ground of the enmity of the carnal mind; it is not subject to the Law of God. The secret is now revealed. God is the moral Governor of the universe. Oh, this is the cause of the war between Him and the sinner! This constitutes the real secret of man’s fall, inveterate hostility to the Divine being. The question is, who shall govern, God or the sinner?'' (Pink’s quotation of Oliver Winslow).

What about the charge that man’s fall is God’s doing? Pink answers:
''Clearly it was the Divine will that sin enter this world, or it had not done so, for not only had God power to prevent the same, but nothing ever comes to pass save what He has decreed.'' ''Though God’s decree made Adam’s Fall infallibly necessary as to the event, yet not by way of efficiency, or by force or compulsion on the will'' (John Gill).

Pink (1890-1953) was a Baptist Preacher in England, Australia, and the United States. He is most famous for his book The Sovereignty of God. After its advent, he, assisted by his editor Mr. I. Herendeen, launched his yearly publication, Studies in the Scriptures in 1921. These continued until his death, totaling altogether 33 volumes of 288 pp. each. Most of Pink=s books are taken from these yearly volumes (written monthly in 24 page format).  248 pages, blue hard cover


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