The Life and Diary of David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards, hard cover

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That this young man was akin to David the Psalmist will be quickly seen once you peek into his diary. He died at the young age of 29, a Christian only 8 years. Yet he left us his diary, and it has inspired untold myriads to war the good warfare since. You will never murmur again about the field of service the Lord has given you, once you share Brainerd’s experiences. Some of his diary entries will thrill you; some will chill you; and all will challenge you to go and do likewise.

Jonathan Edwards wrote this of this young man: ''I am persuaded every pious and judicious reader will acknowledge, that what is here set before him is indeed a remarkable instance of true and eminent Christian piety in heart and practice, tending greatly to confirm the reality of vital religion, and the power of godliness, that it is most worthy of imitation, and many ways calculated to promote spiritual benefit of the careful observer'' (Preface).

''I saw that the Redeemer’s kingdom is all that is valuable in the earth, and I could not but long for the promotion of it in the world. I saw also that this cause is God’s; that He has an infinitely greater regard and concern for it than I could possibly have; that if I have any true love to this blessed interest, it is only a drop derived from that ocean. Hence I was ready to . . . conclude, ‘Well, if God’s case be so dear and precious to HIM, He will promote it.’ Thus I [rested] on God that He would surely promote that which was so agreeable to His own will; though the time when must be left to His sovereign pleasure.

Who among us today would ride a hundred miles through the woods while suffering from pneumonia to preach to a band of Indians, as did Brainerd. Only if one has the strength of faith that Brainerd had.

An entry: ''My attention was greatly engaged, and my soul so drawn forth this day, by what I heard of the ‘exceeding preciousness of the saving grace of God’s Spirit’ that it overcame my body, in it’s weak state. I saw that true grace is exceedingly precious indeed; that it is very rare, and that there is but a very small degree of it even where the reality is found; at least I saw this to be my case.''

David Brainerd (1718-1749) missionary to the Indians, was engaged to a daughter of Jonathan Edwards, but he died before the marriage occurred. It is to the glory of God that He chose Edwards to preserve for us this remarkable story of a torch that burned so fiercely for God that it burned out at an early age. Edwards (1703-1758) is by far the best known American theologian. After graduating from and teaching at Yale University, he began a very fruitful ministry at Northampton, MA. The church was the scene of the explosive revival of 1734, 35, and burned fiercely for God under Edwards for several years. Edwards then went to pastor the lowly Indians. But at last he was called to be the first president of Princeton University, where he served only 5 weeks, dying of smallpox. 144 pages

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